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Values in Action

Values in Action

Values in Action in TK, students are encouraged to select community issues that they are concerned about, understand the issues better, and then decide how they can make a difference in a sustained way. Teachers and more senior students will act as facilitators and mentors to support them in their individual or group endeavours.

In the process of executing their projects, students will undertake personal and group reflections on their Values in Action (VIA) experience. They will discuss their experience and the role that they can play in the community. They will reflect on the values they have put into practice and how they can continue to contribute meaningfully. Such reflections will reinforce learning, make it more authentic and help students internalise values.

Meaningful and impactful VIA experiences allow our students to interact with and understand people of different backgrounds. These efforts to bring youths and people in the community together help to develop empathy for others. As they serve the community, students often learn important lessons about life. In TK, we strive to provide a wide spectrum of platform for students to participate and design their own VIA experience.

Actions For Gaia 

Actions for Gaia is a cohort based environment theme project that the Secondary 1 students are involved in annually. Students along with school staff and parents, carried out Beach Cleaning along the beaches of East Coast and Pulau Ubin.

Students are also given opportunity to showcase their projects through skits and artefact. From the showcase, fellow cohort mates can learn more about the campaigns and projects that the Secondary 1 classes are involved in.

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