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The Mathematics Team works towards pupils being able to apply mathematics concepts and skills to contexts beyond textbooks. They can effectively communicate ideas and thoughts using appropriate mathematics language and make reasonable extrapolation of information.

The mathematics curriculum at TK is broad-based at the lower secondary covering a wide range of concepts, skills and processes. At the upper secondary levels, pupils do a more in-depth study into various strands, going beyond examination syllabus. A spiral approach is adopted for each strand, with interdisciplinary connections made.

The curriculum incorporates a variety of learning experiences like classroom and lecture teaching, small group teaching, outdoor trails, competition training and enrichment talks. The curriculum emphasizes strong pupil engagement and participation in learning activities that help maximise their learning.

Team members consciously and regularly participate in building and sharing knowledge.

GOALS To tap on the expertise of teachers in implementing programmes that lead to

  • pupils’¬†learning mathematics in a meaningful way
  • pupils’¬†mastery of mathematics concepts, skills and processes
  • pupils’ appreciation of mathematics and its interdisciplinary connections
  • Classroom Lessons for all mathematics lessons.
  • Weekly Revision Programme for selected pupils.
  • Bridging Programme for selected pupils.
  • Lecture and Tutorial approach for Additional Mathematics.
  • Outdoor Trail
  • Competition Training Programme
  • Student Research
  • Mathematics Talks
All pupils will be offered Additional Mathematics.
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