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Design Technology & Food Consumer Education

Design Technology & Food Consumer Education

GOALS All students to appreciate the usefulness of subjects such as Food & Consumer Education and Design & Technology. They will learn skills that will benefit and support their life-long application.

Design and Technology (D&T) aims to create an environment that encourages creativity and dynamism to allow the students to think and intervene creatively through the design process  The curriculum is structured with the aim to produce students who embrace ingenuity in the pursuit of creativity and innovation.

Food & Consumer Education

The FCE curriculum aims to equip students with knowledge and skills to enable them to make informed choices about food and consumer products in their daily lives.


  1. Project Work – Lower Secondary
  2. Prototyping & Materials – Upper Secondary
  3. Student Research (SR) – Upper Secondary


  1. Flyer Design – Lower Secondary
  2. My Healthy Plate Design – Lower Secondary
  3. Project Work – Lower Secondary

  1. 2015 D&T Awards – Upper Secondary
  2. 2015 Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors Competition – Upper Secondary
  3. 2015 Science & Technology Challenge by Nanyang Polytechnic – Lower Secondary

  1. 2014 Science & Technology Challenge by Nanyang Polytechnic – Champion
  2. D&T Awards 2013 – Creative Innovation Award
  3. 2013 Designing Business Competition by Singapore Polytechnic Championship
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