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Mother Tongue

Mother Tongue

GOALS Department Focus:

  • Gearing Up for Lower Sec Levels By Instilling and Sustaining Learning Interests through Curriculum Innovations
  • Achieving Breakthroughs at Upper Sec Levels By Providing Skills-based curriculum and Thematic Curriculum to achieve quality grades
  • Sustaining Interests in Learning Mother Tongue Languages (MTL) By Creating a Supportive Environment for Language Learning
PROGRAMMES (1) Curriculum Features

The department adopts and customises teaching strategies and approaches at various levels. At the Lower Secondary level, the department introduces Drama and Film in the Higher Chinese Language (HCL) Curriculum. At the Upper Secondary level the department adopts the Component and Thematic Curriculum approach to deepen students’ knowledge and skills in language learning

(2) ICT Enriched Curriculum

To support teaching and learning the department plans an ICT-enriched curriculum with the use of various learning platforms and tools such as iMTL Portal, 10’M Aksara, Edmodo VoiceThread and Titan Pad iPads are also used in the classrooms

(3) Current Affairs in MTL

To provide a platform for students to discuss current affairs in MTL, students are given the opportunities to conduct public speaking in MTL. Presentation in MTL gives students the authentic context to use the language and enhances their confidence in speaking in MTL. Students are also given the ownership to plan their presentation using various modes such as powerpoint presentation, video presentation and drama skits. The department also subscribes newspapers for all students to use during lessons. Teachers and students discuss on current affairs includes and students write their reflections in news article journals

(4) Project Work and Student Research in MTL

As part of TK’s Project Work curriculum, students have the opportunity to undertake various project tasks, ranging from Overseas Immersion Learning Experiences, Dialects in Action, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Laskar Pelangi Trail and Kampung GIam Trail.

ENRICHMENT (1) Annual MR Fortnight Programme

The department organises the Annual MTL Fortnight in Term 2 and Term 3. During the MTL weeks, interesting and meaningful programmes are planned for various cohorts of students, ranging from Traditional Arts and Crafts, Fashion, Food Culture, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese painting, Herbal Tea Making, Exhibitions, Learning Journeys to Rich Heritage Attractions, Traditional Malay Houses, Kampung Games, Malay Fashion, Malay Culinary and Malay Literature.

(2) CPES Arts Programme 

To create an enriching external learning experience for students, the CL department plans and organises learning journeys to appreciate dramas and film at the theatres and cinemas These authentic experiences will nurture students to be active learners and proficient users beyond the curriculum hours.

(3) Twinning Programmes to China, Malaysia and Indonesia

Twinning programmes to China (Shenyang  Dalian, Hangzhou, Nanjing), Malaysia and Indonesia are important features of the MTL learning experiences in TK  These programmes provide the opportunities for students to learn and appreciate the culture and language of a similar race in another country. Learning is further enriched through the exchanges and interactions between the students and the teachers, The ML students get the opportunity to stay with foster family in the Homestay Programme in Malaysia. This allows them to have a first-hand experience of kampung life.

(4) EMAS Programme
(please refer to EMAS Programme Link)

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