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Homework Policy

Homework Policy

In TK, the following principles for assigning homework are adopted:

(a)   Homework set has strong emphasis on the development of core skills

(b)   Students’ needs and abilities are considered in the pitching of the assignments

(c)   Clear instructions and performance expectations are provided to enable students to complete work          independently

(d)   High expectations are set regarding the quality of work

In general, the duration for the completion of homework will be between 30 – 60 minutes per assignment, and there will be not more than 2 assignments per subject per week.

Short assignments may be required to be submitted in the following lesson/week.  Longer assignments may take up to a month to complete.

Timely and useful feedback will be provided to maximise student learning.  This may be via teacher/peer/self-marked assignments, or classroom instruction and discussions building upon the completed homework (e.g. viewing of videos/pre-reading of text for upcoming lessons).

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