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Mission, Vision, Values and Crest

Mission, Vision, Values and Crest


Your Potential, Our Purpose


To nurture our students to their fullest potential, developing in them sound values, life-long learning and leadership skills, in an innovative and dynamic environment


Excellence Abounds, Aspirations Nurtured


  • We believe in our Ability to Succeed.
  • We embrace Ingenuity in the pursuit of creativity and innovation.
  • We value Integrity as it guides our every action.
  • We inculcate Loyalty to our school and nation.
  • We cherish Charity as it is a noble act to serve the community.


On the school badge is a picture of Leonardo da Vinci, one of the most versatile geniuses of modern times. He was both a scientist and an artist. Leonardo represents a man with an ‘all-round’ education. The symbolism of “flight” in the school’s emblem, seen in the bird and the flying machine, instills in the students the desire to go beyond the realms of ordinary imagination and to achieve goals, which no one has dared to dream before.

The school motto in Latin: Diligentia, Ingenium and Dexteritas.

It highlights the importance of the meaning of these words: Diligence, Ingenuity and Dexterity


is the willingness to persevere long after others have given up.


of mind and spirit, being creative, taking initiative and showing resourcefulness.


is about flexibility and nimble, having the mental and emotional adaptability and agility.

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