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Team TK & School Song

Team TK & School Song

Team TK



Everyone in TK matters and everyone in TK has his or her part to play. That is the simple premise that led to the birth of the TEAM TK concept and the TEAM TK Logo. The hope is to create a common identity which brings all the diverse individuals in TK together to form a strong and cohesive unit.


The star represents Excellence which every TKsian strives hard for and aspires to achieve. The strong front illustrates Diligentia. It represents the determination, drive and perseverance of every TKsian in their journey towards excellence. The fluid curves emphasise Ingenuity and Dexteritas that every TKsian has to demonstrate in his or her quest for Excellentia. The letters TK in solid colours represent the sturdiness of the team as it is one that is grounded in sound values and rooted in rich tradition. Finally, the bright colours depict the diversity within Team TK and how the school harnesses different talents, passions and areas of expertise to nurture the aspirations of all TKsians.



School Song
The school song speaks on the themes of a balanced education, hard work in both work and play and of teamwork. The names that the song invokes represent those who dared to dream the impossible and achieve realities which could have been mere figments of imagination in their time.

Tanjong Katong Secondary School Song

On the sea-shore of endless worlds,

With the mind and with the body,

We’ll work together and we’ll play,

It’s one for all and all for one.



We’ll seek and find,

We’ll make and mind,

However hard, we’ll strive to reach the goal.


O Rutherford, Da Vinci, Tagore and Albert Einstein,

We hope we have rightly invoked

Your inspirations and your fame.

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