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Student Leadership

Student Leadership

TK Altruistic Leadership

Leadership Philosophy

We believe that every TK student can and will rise to the occasion to take the lead for altruistic reasons. We strive to be an extraordinary school that nurtures altruistic leaders not only  for our community but for the global society

Altruistic Leadership

Leading for altruistic reasons- being proactive in placing the needs/interests of others before self in co-creating a preferred future for ail.




The 3 Facets of Altruistic Leadership

The Competent facet aims to enable leaders to manage their soft skills as leaders which include, vision casting, rallying people through setting up clear aims and running projects, managing and ensuring the efficient execution of events/tasks.

The Constructive facet focuses on value adding to self and others in a position of leadership. Leaders are to grow in awareness of self and schoolmates. By heightening their personal awareness and empowering them to positively influence both peers and juniors, they will grow as active contributors to create a positive and constructive school environment and culture.

The Compassionate facet focuses on the leaders’ growth in social awareness and sensitivity to the needs of others, harnessing the moral compass of every individual. Altruism in its truest essence is to devote to the needs/welfare of others which stem from a compassion for others.

An altruistic TK student leader is the epitome of Competence, Constructiveness and Compassion.

Guiding Principles

We are committed to nurturing individuals who believe in charity and constructive participation. Altruism will be the moral compass as one strives to work for the best interests of others in the community and be proactive in co-creating a preferred future.

  • Opportunity for all
  • Reflective learning
  • Developmental and progressive
  • Positive peer support and influence
  • Empowerment through ownership
  • Whole school approach through integration and collaboration




TK Altruistic Leadership Training Structure

Sec 1 and 2 Mass Leadership Trainings and Class Leaders Trainings
Target: As Altruistic Leader (Characteristics of 3Cs)
Junior Leadership Trainings
Target: As individual
Sec 3 Senior Leadership Trainings
Target: As A Team
Sec 4 Senior Leadership Trainings
Target: As A School



CCA Leaders



Class Leaders

Student Council

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