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Education and Career Guidance

Education and Career Guidance


To equip TKsians with requisite attributes and competencies to succeed in their future education and career.



To provide TKsians with a social-emotional learning experience which will contribute to:

  • building their confidence through enhancing the self-awareness of interests, skills, values and strengths;
  • increasing their motivation for learning by helping them establish clear goals and perceiving the relevance of their schooling efforts;
  • enhancing the ability to make effective decisions in education and career choices; and
  • developing 2lst century worker qualities of pro-activity, adaptability and resilience to thrive in this challenging world of work


ECG Curriculum

The ECG programmes are designed developmentally appropriate and delivered in a rigorous manner to cater to the needs of our students from Secondary One to Four. As part of the CCE learning outcomes ECG also serves as a vehicle for our students to develop their social and emotional competencies in all the 5 domains of SEL.

In TK, ECG activities are delivered in a variety of ways either involving the use of the e-portal or through the carrying out of non-portal activities.


Overview of ECG Programmes

Students should be able to demonstrate effective communication by:

ECG Activities Targetted Level
Career Guidance Lessons (include class-based and e-portal) Sec 1 to 4
ECG Bi-monthly Bites
Career Counselling
Career Dialogue Sessions Sec 3 and 4
Career Talks
Institue of Higher Learning (IHL) Talks Sec 4
Career & Education Fair / Seminar
ECG Programme Highlights

1. Career Dialogue Sessions

The annual Career Dialogue Sessions aims to inspire TKsians to work purposefully towards possible career choices with the help of information provided by committed individuals and successful role models who are alumni members, parent volunteers and supportive friends of the school. Concurrent sharing sessions with industrial representatives will be held in Term 2 for the upper secondary students. Speakers from all walks of careers such as Law, Social Work, Producer/Photographer, Architecture, Media Advertising, Banking ,Engineering, Researcher. Hospitality, Business Entrepreneur and Journalism will share their work experiences with the upper secondary students. Students will have the opportunity to listen to the speakers of their choice areas and hence be more informed in their future career decisions.

2. Education Fair/Seminar

The Education Fair/Seminar is organized for the graduating Secondary 4 classes to enable the individual to explore viable education options through the provision of accurate and comprehensive information, Higher learning institutions (IHL) such as Junior Colleges, Polytechnics and Universities are invited to set up their booths in the school premise. Sharing was also conducted by representatives from tertiary institutions on the school experiences in Polytechnics and Junior College education. The Secondary 4 students and their parents will have a chance to visit the booth to meet with the representatives from the various institutions and find out more about post-secondary education, scholarships and possible career paths.

3. Industrial Visit

As part of the school’s learning journey, the industrial visit will provide TKsians with an insight into the demands, perks and challenges, career prospects as well as the character and attitude required of the various professions in a particular industry. Guided tours and sharing sessions conducted by the industrial representatives during the visit will allow students to discover how their interests, abilities and skills can play a part in their choice of career.

4. Work Experience Programme

The Work Experience Programme @ TK is one of key learning experiences that leave an indelible impact on our upper secondary students. Through this programme, Secondary Three students are attached to Well-established private and multi-national companies, or government statutory boards for a short stint of work experience, with the objective of instilling in them the importance of appropriate work ethics and conduct while increasing their awareness about a selected industry and/or area of work. As part of the learning experience, participants will learn resume writing and interview skills through workshops conducted by professionals.


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