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Current Affairs

Current Affairs

Developing 21st Century TKsians

The Current Affairs Programme@TK is a platform to help students develop knowledge, skills and values in becoming 21st Century global citizens. The programme involves article reading as well as Public Speaking presentations which are conducted in alternate weeks on Tuesdays.

The Article Reading

At the upper secondary level, students read and reflect on articles on local and global issues that vary from Aesthetic, Science, Character and Citizenship to the Humanities. Form teachers facilitate discussions, reflections and harness TKsians’ critical thinking skills using Richard Paul’s Eight Elements of Thought

At the lower secondary level, all sec 1 and 2 classes are scheduled to prepare articles for the week, under the guidance of their form teachers. TKsians become self-directed learners as they discuss with their peers and select a local or global issue to write for the level.

The Public Speaking

Public Speaking presentation is a whole school approach as all departments are involved. Under the guidance of the teachers, students become self-directed learners as they select an issue, plan and carry out the presentation It is a platform that develops TKsians to be critical thinkers as well as effective communicators who are confident speakers.

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