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EZ COE Character & Citizenship

EZ COE Character & Citizenship

Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) has always been at the heart of Singapore’s education system. The goal of CCE is to inculcate values and build competencies in our students to develop them to be good individuals and useful citizens. In CCE,our students learn to be responsible to family and community; and understand their roles in shaping the future of our nation.

Central to providing ‘Student-centric,values-driven education’, the CCE program has undergone a major review recently and a revised CCE curriculum has been developed. The revised CCE curriculum, which incorporates components of Sexuality Education, Financial Literacy,Life skills,Cyberwellness as well as Values-In-Action shifts our focus from programmes to a common purpose aligned to the Desired Outcomes of Education. Schools are guided in the teaching and learning of CCE by the following principles

  • Every teacher a CCE teacher
  • Values are both taught and caught
  • Engaging students through varied modes of delivery
  • Parents as key partners

CCEB has been developing expertise in CCE in all schools through the training of 2 CCE Mentors in each school. Together with the various tool kits and resources,CCE Mentors and schools are working hard to figure the best way to implement the revised syllabus in a way that best meets the needs of the students in the school.


The school also hosted the Coffee and Connect series and workshops on interfacing CCE and SdT in 2014 to share good practices in the practical delivery of CCE in schools.

TK is proud to have been selected in 2011 to be one of the three schools in the East Zone to host the EZ Centre of Excellence for CCE. Leading the zone in areas of Student Leadership and CCE in CCA,the school has been developing and sharing our signature programmes such as TK Student Council Junior Leadership Symposium, Project Serve and Peer to Peer Student Leadership Development programmes with schools in the zone. In 2013, the school hosted the EZ COE CCE Seminar 2013 – CCE Alive & In Action where schools shared their best practices in CCE through conduct of concurrent sessions and poster displays.

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