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Seladang Scouts

Seladang Scouts



Tanjong Katong Secondary School Scout Group was established in 1959 by boys who were scouts in their primary school and were keen to continue scouting. It was registered as 93rd Seladang, under the command of Geylang District.

In the 1970s, it was renamed 1309 Seladang Scout Group. Since then, TK Scout Group is commonly known as (1309) Seladang Scout Group and is under the command of Katong District and the East Area.

1309 Seladang Scout Group has two sections, the Scout section and the Venture Scout section. The Scout section comprises of youths from the ages of 13 to 16 while the Venture Scout section is made up of youths from 15 to 18. The scouts are students of the school and the venture scouts are old boys of the school who want to continue scouting.

Scouting Activities

In the Seladang Scout Group, our Scouts get to enjoy learning by doing, through various exciting team-based Scouting activities. These activities sharpen our Scouts’ practical skills including the building of impressive structures (which is endearingly known in Scouting as ‘pioneering’), the building of unique gateways, outdoor cooking and ‘backwoodsman cooking’, hiking as well as orienteering. Due to the unique nature of these Scouting activities, our boys are also developed in life-long values (such as teamwork, brotherhood and resilience) as well as essential competencies (such as planning, organisational and leadership skills).

These life-values and skills are well-aligned with our school’s aim to grow each student into the TK graduate who is self-motivated, resilient and most importantly, possesses sound values.

Scouting also provides several platforms for the holistic development of the child’s character and especially in the area of Charity. Annual events such as Job Week and the Scout Donation Drive will help the child to better understand the importance of hard work, caring and giving.

Courses and Enrichment Activities

A Scout also has the chance to pursue the Scouts Proficiency Badge Scheme.

Amid the fundamental outdoor Scouting activities, all our Scouts are also given ample opportunity to participate in various courses and activities to nurture their interest in a variety of areas to fulfil this badge scheme. Some of the courses include:

  • Standard First Aid Course
  • Civil Defence Course
  • One STAR and Two STAR Kayaking Courses
  • Abseiling Course
  • Archery Course

Without a doubt, other enjoyable enrichment activities (such as rockwall climbing and night cycling) that are organised during Scouts training sessions or camps also add to the rich Co-Curricular Activity experience for all our boys.

National Competitions

The biennial National Patrol Camp or often referred to the “Mother of all Competitions” has also provided our Scouts with memorable learning experience. This competition brings all Scouting units in Singapore together to challenge themselves in a series of Scouting Skills and to share their individual expertise.

Overseas Experience

Another exciting platform in our Scouts’ involvement is the overseas experience during Jamborees. Different Scout groups from around the world organise Jamborees every year, welcoming Scouts from the Asia-Pacific region or around the world to interact and participate in Scouting activities together. This surely opens our Scouts’ eyes to the world as they are exposed to fresh ideas from viewing the structures and campsites built by overseas Scouts, badge trading and visiting of significant places of interest.

Undoubtedly, with the platforms provided, the experience as a TK Seladang Scout is enriching in knowledge, skills and values that accompany our boys through life.

“The experience of the journey is more important than the destination itself.”

Anson Chan (3F)



  • Mr Chua Chun Hua
  • Mdm Soh Chwee Leng Jennifer
  • Ms Noorashikin Bte Mohamed Ishak
  • Mr Imaduddin Ahmad Chevi Rafiudin (AED)





  • First Runner up for Basketball at Katong District Sports Day


  • Gold Award for Frank Cooper Sands
  • Silver Award for National Patrol Camp


  • Frank Cooper Sands Award (Gold)
  • Frank Cooper Sands Honours Pennant


  • Frank Cooper Sands Award (Gold)
  • National Patrol Camp 2011 (Silver)


  • Frank Cooper Sands Award (Gold)


  • Frank Cooper Sands Award (Gold)


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