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Chinese Society

Chinese Society


The Chinese Society is an exuberant CCA which provides students opportunities to experience a wide variety of activities such as script writing, inter-school Chinese competitions and drama performance. Students in the Chinese Society are active participants in school events such as the yearly Chinese New Year Concert and Mid-Autumn Festival where they showcase their talents in the form of Chinese Drama performance. They also took part in the Singapore Youth Competition under the guidance of experienced drama instructors and achieved commendable results. Students are also active contributors in the school based Chinese publication .

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.”

Li Shenggui (3A)



  • Mr Ngoi Kah Teck
  • Ms Cheng Liangyu




  • Awarded Art Presentation for Chinese Drama (AP) Certificate of Accomplishment


  • Awarded SYF Central Judging Of Drama (Chinese) Silver


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