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Da Vinci Programme

Da Vinci Programme

Da Vinci Curriculum@TK – Development of Critical and Inventive Thinking (CIT) 21st Century Competencies

Objectives of Curriculum

Da Vinci Curriculum@TK aims to equip our students with disciplinarity knowledge and develop their competencies to investigate issues or problems critically and to invent solutions to address them.

Design of Curriculum

The design of Da Vinci Curriculum@TK is principled on 2 models:

Sequenced Model

Topics from different disciplines are rearranged and sequenced to coincide with one another. Similar ideas are taught in concert while remaining separate disciplines.

Webbed Model

A theme is weaved or webbed into relevant disciplines to pull what are separate and disparate parts of the curriculum together for learners.

The theme chosen must be a good lens that

  • applies broadly
  • applies pervasively
  • discloses fundamental patterns
  • reveals similarities and contrasts
  • fascinates learners.

Outcome of Curriculum

The culminating task for each level of this curriculum is a Values-In-Action (VIA) project. In groups of 4, learners are required

  • to integrate the knowledge, skills and values learnt from the various disciplines;
  • to exemplify this integration through identification of problems, investigating them critically and inventing solutions to solve them;
  • to think about their own thinking to become more effective thinkers and learners.


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