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Shooting. The best mind game ever.

TK Shooting provides an opportunity to shoot air pistols in a safe environment. It is a unique sport that requires both physical control and mental stamina. Shooters need to learn to focus on the target, be able to have good control of their muscles and maintain proper posture before pulling the trigger. The level of concentration and precision needed during competitive shooting demands high level of self-discipline and patience from each shooter.

TK Shooting aims to also develop leadership, loyalty, responsibility, respect, selflessness and teamwork in the shooters.

“The level of concentration among the top shooters is extraordinary…”

David Oates, BBC Sport

“Teamwork brought TK Netball to where it is now. With teamwork, it divides the task and multiplies the success.”

Nur Fadzlyn Bte Mohd Zahruddin (3G)



  • Mrs Quek Toh Peng
  • Ms Zhang Hao
  • Ms Sayedah Begum (AED)
  • Mr Richard Lim (AJT)





  • Singapore Youth Olympic Festival 2013, 7th Place, Koh Jing Wen


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