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TK Choir was formed in 1992 with merely 30 members. Since then, it has grown from strength to strength and comprises over 100 members today.

TK Choir has achieved tremendous success since its founding. It won its first Gold award in the 1995 Singapore Youth Festival Central Judging of Choirs (SYF), and continued this achievement at every SYF competition until 2003. In 1999, TK Choir clinched the Best Choir Award in the SYF Competition, and was admitted into the prestigious Choral Excellence Programme (CEP) in 2002, an honour only bestowed upon the best choirs. TK Choir went on to win the Gold with Honours award in the 2005, 2007, 2009 and 2011 SYF arts presentations, and a Certificate of Distinction at SYF 2013.

TK Choir works very hard to maintain a high standard. Besides practising for competitions, the members are regularly exposed to a whole variety of experiences, including choral workshops, public concerts, overseas choral competitions and choral exchanges with both local and overseas choirs. TK Choir also renders its services at TK school concerts and events, and collaborates with other local organisations such as the Singapore Chinese Orchestra.

TK Choir provides many opportunities for student leadership and supports the holistic development of the TK Graduate. Choir members grow and excel in the nurturing environment. Members also learn to interact and share their knowledge with one another. The choir leaders and seniors guide and support the juniors in all aspects of the choral programme.

TK Choir welcomes all interested students with a flair for singing to join the family. Auditions are held for Sec 1 students during Orientation at the beginning of the school year.

“Melody in notes, beauty in words, harmony in sound.”

Darren Chan (3D)



  • Ms Low Kia Sze
  • Ms Liz Sriyanty
  • Mrs Esther Jaichandar
  • Mdm Norlindah
  • Mrs Goh Mei Li
  • Ms Rin Fitria (AED)





  • A Voyage of Songs 2013 (Dec) was awarded Jury Prize winner & Junior Mixed Youth category winner (Awarded a Gold B)
  • Asia Cantate 2014, was awarded Junior Mixed Youth category winner (Awarded a Gold B)
  • Our People, Our Music 2014, Performed at the Sports Hub in collation with the Singapore Chinese Orchestra
  • Performed for Esplanade Limelight
  • Performed for Prize Presentation Day and National Day celebrations


  • Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation for Choirs 2013 Certificate of Distinction
  • A Voyage of Songs Choral Festival 2013
  • Performances for Speech Day and National Day celebrations


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