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AV Media & Computer Club (AVMC)

AV Media & Computer Club (AVMC)


Prior to 2009, the AVA Club and Media Club existed as separate entities, functioning with total autonomy from each other. Each CCA had its own committee and members to assist the teachers in-charge in running the CCA.

In January 2009, the AVA Club and Media Club were merged. The rationale for this merger is to:

  • Combine and therefore better utilise the resources of the two CCAs.
  • Enlarge the scope of activities for student members.
  • Provide more opportunities for students to be involved in school events.
  • Provide a useful service to the school with a close working relationship with external partners.

The specific roles of the new AV Media Club are to:

  • provide an avenue of expression for our students.
  • Support the school in school events by taking photos and video recording of the events and manning the PA system.
  • Document school events through the use of notice boards, newsletters and the school portal.
  • Keep track of photographic equipment for loan during school functions and events.
  • Provide training to members in journalistic skills.
  • Participate in service-learning by serving the community.

Students will be developed in the following ways:

  • Training in technical skills such as operating the school’s PA system.
  • Training in video production skills such as scripting, camera handling and editing.
  • Training in journalism.
  • Training in archiving methods.
  • Providing avenues of expression through a newsletter, library notice board and TK portal.
  • Going on outings to advance their skills.
  • Participating actively in school events as student reporters.
  • Tapping leadership opportunities.
  • Tapping opportunities to serve the community.
  • Organising school-wide competitions.

“Good photos are like good jokes; they lose their appeal when they require explanation. Here at AV, we accept and celebrate all forms of photographic art and there are no boundaries.”

Li Wee Shyan (4H, 2014)

The TK computer Club provides opportunities for members to learn IT skills. Members come on every Friday for lessons pertaining to the field of Infocomm Technology such as network and computer security, mobile applications development, database management and software programming. In addition they are equipped with many multimedia skills such Adobe Photoshop, Flash, Actionscripting, Video, Dreamweaver and many more.

Computer Club members are also given the opportunities to participate in numerous IT and IT related competitions annually.

“An enjoyable CCA in which I can learn about the wonders of technology.”

Bhargav Piyushkumar Singapuri (4C, 2014)


  • Mdm Shahera Mohamed
  • Ms Anisah Hassan
  • Ms Nani Rahayu
  • Ms Hidayah



  • Silver Award at the Schools Digital Media Awards 2013

IDA National Infocomm Competition:

  • Overall circuit 3rd for year 2011
  • Overall circuit 3rd for year 2008
  • Overall circuit 3rd for year 2007
  • Overall circuit 4th for year 2009

International CyberFair

  • Platinum Award for year 2013

Singapore Games Creation Competition:

  • Champions for year 2012
  • Champions for year 2011
  • Champions for year 2008
  • 2nd Place for year 2007
  • Overall Best Designed Game(Stage 1) for year 2011
  • Best Technical Achievement(Stage 1) for year 2010

Mobile Animation Challenge:

  • Champions for year 2009
  • 2nd Place for year 2008
  • 3rd Place for year 2011
  • 2 Merit Awards for year 2011


  • Champion(Secondary School Category) for year 2011

Network & Security Investigation:

  • Champion for year 2013
  • 2nd Place for year 2011

Splash Award:

  • 2nd Place(Animation) for year 2009
  • 2nd Place for year 2007


  • 5th Place for year 2011
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