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Drama Club

Drama Club


Drama allows you to express your feelings and be spontaneous. It is an avenue to expand your creativity and look within yourself for answers. The Drama Club finds opportunities for its members to go on stage by participating in school concerts, public speaking competitions and doing public performances.

“Centre stage. A single spotlight. It’s our glorious moment; it’s our time to shine!”

Siti Nur Sabrina Bte Yusri (3C)



  • Mr Hareesh Methil Bhaskaran
  • Ms Michelle Elizabeth Rajlal
  • Mdm Sonia Yeo





  • Performed for National Day Concert Musical – Our People Our Home


  • Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation 2013 – Awarded Certificate of Accomplishment
  • Participated in the TK National Day Parade Concert Musical 2013 ‘Many Stories, One Singapore’


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